The Tilt & Tack Shoppe


        The Tilt & Tack Shoppe came into existence as a result of the great difficulty in finding modern supplies for non-traditional and historically inspired equestrian athletes, such as those participating in Jousting, Calvary, and Games, and the horses they love.

        We will NOT be providing historical armor or clothing.  There are a variety of businesses that do that.  Please continue to patronize the fine purveyors of these goods.

        We seek to supply the modern needs of this niche market.  As we slowly grow our product lines, we will focus on the day to day needs of the horses and their caregivers with items such as oversize halters, men’s riding pants, shampoos, safety gear, practice gear... in other words ... modern stuff.  Please feel free to suggest products that you would like to see.

        Tilt & Tack is a 100% volunteer staffed and run enterprise with all profits donated to charity; specifically, to research improving equestrian sports safety.

        We welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions:

Toll free phone number:  855-699-6510


Welcome to the Tilt & Tack Shoppe!

We are now open. Please stop by often to see our updates.

Our goal: To release at least one new product or service per month.

Modern gear, equipment, and supplies for the historically inspired equestrian athlete, the horses they love, and the activities they enjoy.